In the time of covid-19 crises a lot of businesses and NGos will have to close their doors because they cannot afford to pay the costs of office space, IT support, phones, printing, marketing, accounting and other overheads. This for them can mean the end of business. However at the same time we have big corporations that cannot in the time of crises invest so much in philanthropy or financial aid and there is an added cost of researching, distributing and monitoring financial donations as well as the cost of applying for the SMEs and NGOs in need. At the same time large corporations have resources that if shared could keep businesses, NGOs and jobs alive during and post-crises. We are building a matching platform where a corporation could post if they have resources they can share, ie a desk, a printer, transport vehicle, IT support hours, or accounting, legal or marketing hours they can provide. On the other side SMEs and NGOs could register and ask for resources they need. The platform would serve to match up those in close proximity or for the resources they can share in order to use the existing resources to save jobs and small organizations and to generate exchange of skills and ideas.

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