Our duo was inspired to make this as a straightforward, efficient, and fun program for GunnHacks 8.0. We really wanted to implement our creativity into our project, which was why we decided to concentrate on both design and enabling our cards to help future businesses with limited budgets for generating business cards.

What it does

Our business cards are multi-faceted because of the many themes and color schemes that are available to our users. By entering in basic information, such as the name of the business, the user's name, and contact information, a business card can be generated immediately without any charge!

How we built it

We built our creative business card program through Visual Studio and implemented our knowledge of C# to code it. We spent majority of the night to ensure that it our designs and user experience were of great quality before deciding to submit our final product.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into was the development of the designs, which were very time consuming. Having various styles and color schemes multiplied the number of designs we had to do. Our duo also had events and tasks that had to be done throughout the day, leaving us with limited time to complete the project. However, since we wanted to finish our final product and turn in a program for GunnHacks 8.0, we stayed up all throughout the night to complete our work. The experience was challenging but very fun because of the challenges we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As avid computer science students, we are proud to take a step towards participating in more hackathons. We believe that GunnHacks 8.0 will be a stepping stone towards a greater, brighter future for our computer science careers. We are happy to have completed our project and having great designs that run with efficiency. We hope you like the card we developed for GunnHacks 8.0 specifically in our program- we hope it provides lots of laughs for everyone!

What we learned

Through our experience during this hackathon, we realized the importance of organization and having a set strategy that will keep collaborative teams on track. It took the two of us some time in the beginning to gain a clear focus and purpose for our program, but upon finding it, we were able to work throughout the whole night to complete it.

What's next for Business Maker

Our business card program is one that we hope can spread to businesses throughout the country that are just starting to form. We hope that our program can provide some stability and convenience for these businesses, as often times, these businesses have limited budgets and do not have the financial leisure to regularly invest in business cards. With our quick, efficient filtering system full of styles and color themes, we hope we provide starting businesses in the real world with a great user experience after posting our program live.

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