We were inspired to create a business mailing dashboard because the shift in generic advertising in media to targeted advertising has greatly increased the efficiency and value from online advertising. We believe this same concept can be utilized in physical mail advertising by increasing the amount of data collected by USPS and making that data available to USPS's business customers.

What it does

This dashboard collects data from two main streams. First, an online USPS customer feedback form allows users to provide feedback on the mail they received. This data will then be relayed to a mail-sending-business's campaign dashboard. This dashboard will show a mailing campaign's performance utilizing the customer feedback provided. This allows businesses to more accurately target locations that leave more appealing feedback. This also helps consumers receive mail that is more relevant to them.

The second data stream will utilize return addresses and "ship to" addresses to create a personal profile of specific zip codes. As an example, Nike, Adidas and Lululemon would fall into the "Athletic Apparel" category. This dashboard will allow businesses the ability to see which zip codes more frequently receive mail or packages from specific categories. For example, if DICK's Sporting Goods wants to target consumers which are sports fans, they can select "Athletic Apparel" and "Sports Venues" as categories for their criteria and view an interactive map of zip codes that frequently receive mail from those categories. This will allow businesses to more accurately target areas which would make more likely targets.

This dashboard allows businesses to both improve the accuracy of their targeted mailing, and view the performance of their current mail campaigns. This brings value to USPS's business mailing campaign business and helps improve USPS-to-business relations. Additionally, this will help increase the relevancy of mail being sent to consumers, which can lead to an improvement in customer satisfaction.

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