Inspiration The inspiration came from us going to our first interview and realizing we didn’t know what to be prepared for. Interviewing for a job can be stressful, especially if it’s your first one. When you go into an interview not knowing what their going to ask, worrying about your appearance, and what to have with you can be difficult. Being fully prepared for an interview is very important, imagine being unprepared in front of your possible future employer. Not a good look right?

Our Solution The app we’ve created helps prepare you for an interview. This app gives the options to view possible questions and appropriate answers, workplace warnings, appearance, and speaking. Each of these things were areas that we felt was needed to improve in when we did interviews. The uniqueness in this app comes from us putting the main four points included in interviews. The intended audience for this app are teens to young adults. The age ranging from 16-25.

Challenges The main challenges with making this app were the blocks. We already had all of our app ideas displayed but really getting the buttons and screens to work was the main part we had to focus on. To overcome that challenge we all got together, asked around, and watched videos that explained which blocks would work. It was kind of confusing but then by seeking help we got it together. We also learned more things about applying for jobs and being in the workforce.

Next Steps In the future, we plan to add more to our app periodically. We can add more tabs, consisting the information of areas people need to improve in interviews. Make it more interesting and appealing. We can expand our age range for younger teens and more people in adulthood. By doing this we can gain more participants to partake in our app.

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