Note: We create this new BusinessElp bot to meet with the Facebook July, 2020 hackathon.


Few years ago I helped a client out to build a Nodejs platform that creates custom bots for his clients Facebook pages. There are of course many online services that does that nicely, but Edwards wants to save money by not subscribing monthly for this services as none of them were free. So Edwards paid me one time to code this out, and then just gets the bots running for any new client in just some click and configuration.

Now to make things even more easier, We thought about creating something of such for all Facebook users inside Facebook. Here comes Business Elp, a messenger bot that helps create a messenger bot for your business and to generate leads!

What it does

Business Elp is a messenger bot that helps you build a fully working messenger bot which helps you engage customers about your service and generate leads.

How We built it

Business Elp is built with Nodejs platform, along with the Facebook Graph API that empowers the action.

Challenges We ran into

The toughest challenge is Facebook graph's permission, it wasn't actually easy to get permissions to some features, which we later come through.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

The accomplishment We are proud of is simply solving the problems of paying to get a simple bot working, with this solution, every Facebook user can create bots for their page for free and without leaving Facebook.

What We learned

This gives us chance to explore more about the Facebook Graph API. To know actually how the Facebook Graph API works and we also explored the Facebook Developers community to learn more about the behavior. We also learned about about graph nodes, page scoped IDs and how Graph could be used totally from Graph Explorer with call API requests manually.

What's next for Business Elp

For now, is just a simple chat flow that has an option to remove (SKIP), the next big thing on Business Elp is to allow users to customize chat flows by:

  1. adding more blocks
  2. customizing lead title messages
  3. adding rooms for conditional chat flow.
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