We were inspired by two things. Firstly the issue of storing all business cards and finding this right one when we need it. Secondly the recent updates to iOS frameworks that allow you to analyse images on device, securely with no need to use 3rd party online solutions.

What it does

Business Deck is an app where you can store and find business cards. We thought that it is a great tool for all people who are travelling and visiting conferences, fairs, meet-ups, where they are meeting each other and want to share their contacts. We wanted to make it effortless to save, search and share business cards.

How we built it

Firstly we’ve used a design sprint methodology to create an application flow. Then one of us kept making designs while the rest was implementing them. We split tasks between us, so every one had different feature to develop: User Interface, Business Cards scanning with camera, BT communication, FileStack file upload, Firebase based backend.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was business card’s data detection and proper labeling of the detected data, so that it will be effortless and fast for the end user.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We successfully implemented all the features that we wanted, including bluetooth sharing and working backend.

What we learned

We’ve learnt that on device OCR solutions got really powerful in recent years and that they can be leveraged in new and exciting ways.

What’s next for Business Deck

We plan on expanding the functionality including an apple watch companion app, geotagging, data encryption and Contacts integration. We’ve had a lot of fun creating this app, and we hope to make it even better in the future.

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