Due to pandemic situations there has lockdown followed in almost all countries. Almost everyone has gone through some or the other adverse impact. The schools and other Learning Institutes have to pause their studies and follow the rules of social distance. There has been break and schools are finding difficult to continue with studies with students. At times its very challenging situation for school teachers to connect with all students at same time to continue studies during this lockdown. My idea is to create the customize app for Schools and Learning Institutes which will help continue the studies for students during such pandemic situations.Bring in the concept of School from Home. Start with virtual schools/e-Learning modules for students.The app will be designed is such a way that Schools and students can perform their task via this app. The school teachers can plan the weekly/monthly calendar schedules with students. This will also contain features such as WebEx, Webinar’s, Video Conferences to interact with students at same time to make it 2 way communication and also to make the sessions more interactive. This app will also have provisions for school administrative work such as daily attendance, payrolls for school staff, students academy fees, finance and reporting, etc. The app will be customize for special children also.
Implementation of such framework will help School and Learning Institutes continue the studies with minimal impact of lockdown.

What it does

This app will help Schools and Learning Institutes to run the show even during the lockdown period.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud for myself to contribute for social cause. By creating the customize app for Schools and Learning Institutes there wont be any break in studies and students can still get the education during such pandemic situation. As education helps to create one's future, so it plays very important role in individuals life. As students are our near future there shouldn't be any compromise on their studies and we should try to support the students for gaining the education and knowledge.

What I learned

What's next for Business Continuity plan for Schools and Learning Institutes

Creating an customize app for Schools and Learning Institutes. Creating subject wise Learning modules to ease school teachers while conducting the virtual classes. Designing the weekly/monthly calendars for teachers. Understand the headcounts of the schools, creating the logins and credentials for each users. Creating sub tabs under the app for administrative work.

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