Our project idea came from rather humble origins. One of our group members asked his mother what sort of app she'd like to be developed for her birthday. She stated that she didn't need much, but an app that would help her with budgeting would be tremendously useful.

Enter Business Boss. This amazing application assists associates with managing their monthly and yearly profits. After registering their login information and salary, applications will be free to edit their monthly purchase history. This application was built using Bootstrap, Python, HTML, and Django frameworks. As the team was not expirienced with Django, there was major difficulties creating the Login System and connecting the backend with the frontend. While this application is not as polished as we would like, the basic frameworks needed to make a great application are still present and we look forward to iterating on them in the future.

As the team lacked experience in either Bootstrap or Django, we were very proud to get as far as we did using these frameworks. Additionally, we were proud of developing both the basis of the front-end and back-end processes, as in other hackathons, we typically just developed one or the other. We plan on refining our code in the future to properly link the front-end and back-end systems and eventually launch this web application for the public .

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