What it does

The built system allows to monetize different kind of digital assets using different pricing models (including subscriptions and pay-per-use). To do that it relies in the TMForum APIs, concretely in the catalog, ordering and inventory APIs.

During the hackathon, it has been integrated the Onboading API. Basically, the new functionality allows to extend the typical model of parties related in the lifecyle of a monetized appication (a provider, a customer and a platform provider), allowing the owner of the offered system to define a complex role model, including both, parties that are going to receive money and parties that are going to pay for the usage of the service.

In this way, this new role based approach enables different functionalities. On the one hand, for provider roles, it allow to use this information to perform the revenue sharing. On the other hand, it is possible to offer the existing services allowing customers to choose the role they want to have in the offered service. Additionally, it enables providers to limit permissions or include different pricing models using this customer roles.

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