My girlfriend goes past the same plant pot in preston that gets ripped out of the ground by teenagers on nights out. So she always replaces it when she walks past. Shes very in love with the planet and we can change the way others feel about REVIVING PLANTS. Besides it makes the air better for EVERYONE.

What it does

Made use of a Machine learning api, in order to classify different plants through the use of the camera. Users are able to create an account and log in. Used the google maps plug in to find the users location and add new plants on to the map. Each plant that the user adds, stores how often it needs watering, the amount of co2 the plant has absorbed.

How I built it

IN 3 Agile stages each all playable. 1. At first our plant objects and an implemented api to query plants using machine learning. Later Linked to GEO services and probability of plants being nearby. As well as building plant data based on the species.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting the API's (little documentation). Sleep

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Weve never worked as a team before and not one of us have done app development and well.... get your phone out and look.

What I learned

App Development. API's. Persistency is key. Dont sleep, Apps share information.

What's next for BUSHBOYS-astrazeneca


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