At TJ, after a long and exhausting day of school, most students finish out their day with one last stressful task: finding their bus. School security members already write information about bus locations down as they come in, but there is no simple way for students to get access to this information. As a solution, we present BusFinder, a simple web-based solution to alleviate this problem. School security staff would use a laptop or tablet with the application open in order to record the locations of incoming buses, and students would be able to visit the site on their cell phone to see where to go.

As an additional feature, students may log in to the system with their Intranet accounts using the new Single Sign-On functionality available in Iodine. This allows for them to set which bus they ride on, and receive email notifications whenever their bus has entered the property. The system is designed to be extremely customizable -- faculty members can easily change the layout of the bus area to suit their needs. Buses are drag-and-dropped into specified slots, which can be individually changed as well. Whenever a bus has entered the property, a tweet is also sent out through the @TJBusFinder account, so that students can easily see which buses have entered and left the property through external means.

"Current arrival information is shown as it happens. Connects with your TJ Intranet account and get email notifications whenever your bus arrives on campus. Follow @TJBusFinder on Twitter to see when buses arrive in real-time."

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