Arpit and I were inspired by our younger siblings, nephews, nieces and parents. The school bus delays and lack of communication are always a concern to them. Parents' hearts sink when their child is even 1 minute late.

What it does

BusBusGo is a smart way to keep a check on a student's journey from school to home and back. It tracks the exact location of the bus, gives the estimated time of arrival of the bus to the bus stop hence helping parents by saving time and ensuring security of the child. BusBusGo comes in the form of an iOS application.

How I built it

We have developed an iOS mobile application. The technologies we have used are: Back4App (for online database), Xcode and built-in APIs We used Swift language.

Challenges I ran into

Handling and updating the database was the major challenge we faced. We were required to continuously update the coordinates of the bus the database and fetch it at the same time for the user side.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our first all-night hackathon and we've never worked before with maps and object tracking on maps as such.

What I learned

My teammate and I learned how fast time can pass when are sleep less beacuse you have a ton of work to do and a deadline chasing you. It was a great experiece seeing so many talented coders and developers full of potential.

What's next for BusBusGo

We would like to further automate this process. Firstly by implementing geofencing near bus stops and notifying parents 5 minutes before the bus is to arrive. Student's attendance and presence in the bus will also be a great safety addition to the app.

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