Inspired by the Tiktok trend 'Bus to Nowhere', we wanted to build a simple bot that suggests bus routes to take from bus stops nearest to a person's location

What it does

We built this telegram bot that takes in the location given by the user to find the nearest bus stops, and recommends bus routes based on distance (and user's own desired scenic option). Rather that finding the most optimal and shortest path to a location, users don't get to even choose where they go, but only how long and tedious a path they wish to go through to reach somewhere else (in Singapore).

How We built it

  • Telegram is the main user interface
  • Python is our back-end

Challenges We ran into

  • The HTML file displaying the bus route can only be viewed on desktop
  • Growing complexity of added features to better suit user's needs became increasingly difficult to manage

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Finishing our first hackathon :)

What I learned

  • How to build a working telegram bot
  • Better management and QC across the team

What's next for Bus to Nowhere

  • Allowing for bus transfers (and more tediousness)
  • Maintaining our own set of bus networks in Singapore for better optimisation and accurate visualisations

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