Buses being availed by the most of the public in daily lives. We witness problems like - -Inaccessibilty -Time consuming and non-environment resources
-Overcrowding -Keeping in mind the digitalization policy implemented by government

What it does

  1. Tracking of a bus using Geo-location API
  2. Automating the temperature of bus
  3. Reservation for seats using QR Code
  4. Automation of the AC`s using temperature sensor
  5. Identification of Vacant seats in public transports

How we built it

A bus is being tracked by using only NODEMCU and Geolocation API using WiFi and cell tower. Usage of the geolocation API makes the project-more efficient, more attractive, more accurate, cost effective. By using the temperature sensor DHT11 and the NODEMCU, we are receiving the temperature and the humidity and uploading directly to the Firebase. Now from firebase the data is transferred to unity using C# scripts and we have displayed it on an android app.

Challenges we ran into

The major problem that we faced were that IR sensor works less in sunlight, so we changed its position to the entrance gate of the vehicle. Our main difficulty lies in that we are not able to get the location through nodeMCU only by using geo-location API. So after a lot of research we came to know that we have to register our server/ WIFI to the Google server then only the Google geo-location API will send the signal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is more efficient, accurate, interactive and user friendly way to provide data. There is no need of internet to know the weather. Also through this project, we achieve the smart transportation that would help the mob in the sense that app would let the user know location of bus at any time and place. It is cost effective.

What we learned

We learnt to solve real life problems. We learnt to connect firebase to our app and how to change AC's temperature automatically. We have learnt to track vehicle without the use of GPS module, by using Geolocation API at lower cost and efficiency.

What's next for Bus Management System

We are trying to update our app for women safety to connect the person to authorized policemen with the location with latitude and longitude. Digitalizing our ticket system, more efficient tracking. We are looking forward to enhance the project by introducing Augmented reality to increase tourism.

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