Several people in Detroit (and potentially other cities) who use public transit end up being late to work or school because of late buses - we want to help them

What it does

Once a user registers their daily commute, it interacts with them (mostly through push notifications) - it detects and confirms whether the bus they take daily was on time, asks them about different factors like cleanliness, safety and driver courteousness and alerts other riders on the same route about disruptions based on reports by other users.

Periodically, it also aggregates timeliness data, and suggests better routes to make it to work or school on time.

How we built it

Our MVP is built as an iOS app

Challenges we ran into

Nailing down the interaction design so as to have as little friction for our users as possible

What we learned

Actionable push notifications can be pretty tricky to get right on iOS

What's next for Bus Buddy

Potentially move on to other cities

Built With

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