Now that COVID-19 has forced millions of teams to work remotely, there are less opportunities for teammates to learn about each other. In an office, there are plenty of opportunities for spontaneous conversation that leads to getting to know the person your talking to. This in turn leads to better conversation that makes getting things done faster and smoother. When you know your team well, productivity is increased because trust is increased.

What it does

Burrr is a Slack bot that asks teammates to guess a fun fact about another teammate. It first reaches out to individuals with a question like "What's your favorite movie?". Then it asks another teammate to make a guess about someone's favorite movie. An example is, "What's David's favorite movie? Batman Begins or The Wizard Of Oz?". The teammate will make a guess and the Slack bot will tell them the correct answer. After this, the teammate will have a great topic to bring up the next time they talk with David.

How I built it

Used Slack API. Used Firebase as a database for the questions. Node.js for the backend. React.js for the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

New to Slack API so it was tough.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to use Slack API

What I learned

So many things about Slack API. Like controlling bot responses.

What's next for Burrr

Clean it up and send it to managers at remote teams!

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