Recently, we moved into a house of 6 house mates. It have become difficult to keep track of where people are. To find out who is home requires messaging, which is cumbersome and time We thought differently. We believe that we could leverage the technology which is evident in almost every household, WiFi.


We wanted users to be able to create a designated 'home' that is ID'ed by the routers information. Whenever a member of the 'home' group connects to the wifi, all other 'home' members will be notified that their house mate is home.


We plan to develop this application to include geofenceing and potentially bluetooth, allowing users to connect to other devices within the house and connect in other locations. This would allow the house to react to the user when they arrive at home.

This application could easily be incorporated into businesses to remove the need for employees to check in as they would be checked in upon arrival. Other employees could be notified as well so that the workplace is made as efficient as possible. This application has enormous potential, especially when integrated with the Internet of Things.

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