Why'd we make Burnt Out?

The inspiration for our website came from when we were working on another project and realized how much more time it was going to take us than we thought. As freshman and first time hackers, we were getting confused and burnt out from researching and coding for the past 2 days and not seeing much progress. After taking a quick mental break, we thought about making a website that could be used for people in our exact situation. We thought of a website that would be satisfying for people to visit and take a few mental minutes whenever they needed a break from the stressful life of coding.

What is it?

Burntout is a website designed to help you if you are feeling overwhelmed by any kind of stress. On our main sight, you’ll see 4 planets: Cute Planet, Satisfying Planet, Funny Planet, and Dash-Cam Planet. When clicked, each planet redirects you to a page where you can view randomly sourced GIFs in the theme of the planet. There is an embedded stream of lo-fi music to calm your ears as you lose yourself in GIFs of cute kittens. If you haven't had enough, you can click on the "new gif" button to show you a new GIF.


For our project, we used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many many tears.

Challenges we faced

Some of the challenges we ran into were trying to adjust pictures and making the various typed of memes align up with each type of picture selected. Also, we were having a hard time trying to find a good website to host to. We claimed a domain name but we were having trouble linking it to our code. The website would load over and over again but didn’t connect to our GitHub website we made.

But hey we made something!

We are most proud of just being able to make something at all. We came into the Hackathon fairly intimidated because we weren't really sure "how they worked". This was the first time being exposed to a lot of HTML and Javascript for most of us, so we're pretty proud we came this far even after facing some struggles to get things in a working state.

What we learned

StackOverflow is godly. Not only were we able to share our code via GitHub, we were also able to use their web hosting platform to release our website through GitHub. Also, we learned that learning code is a timing thing and making such applications requires alot of effort. Working together allowed us to bring our brains together so we can complete our website.

What's next?

We plan to continue to host our website so people can always come back and take a mental GIF break when they need one.

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