In an increasingly virtual world, it can be incredibly hard to disengage and keep screen time in check. This can have a huge impact on emotional, social, and physical health. Especially during this pandemic, a lot of us have lacked a boundary between work and home and faced burnout from this. Even if you do live with others, it can be difficult to connect between so many meetings, classes and more.

What it does

This web app keeps you accountable by sharing screen time with loved ones. Once a you or a friend reaches a certain threshold for screen time or indicates that they're feeling burnt out, their buddies will receive a message to check on them or encourage them to step away. This can be especially useful for roommates or family who are living in the same house to remind them to connect.

How we built it

We started the process by making a mock-up in Figma. Once we had thought out a natural flow, features to add, and a theme we moved to creating the web-app itself. We used flask to run the web app and work html, css, Javascript to start implementing the functionality of it. We also hosted the project on using Firestone and GCP.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time deploying a web app so it was not a smooth process. But it was a great learning experience. We got to get more familiar working with the terminal and the gcp. We also struggled to figure out how to best use local storage to store some of the data in the computer’s cache, after a lot of tinkering we were able to save some information so it was returned in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to deploy the webapp so that others can see and use it. We were able to go through some of the steps of the design process including brainstorming and truly pinpoint what problem we wanted to solve and how we wanted to solve it. Additionally taking the product from an idea to a figma design to an MVP was a very fulfilling experience.

What we learned

Since none of us had significant experience with hackathons before this, PearlHacks was a great learning experience. We learned both technical skills with flask and firebase but also how to virtually collaborate, design and troubleshoot an application.

What's next for BurnoutBurnout

In the next iteration, we would hopefully be able to add additional functionality from our mock-up to our web app. The first step to this is user authentication which we plan to do using the google cloud databases. We also plan on utilizing a screentime api to best determine when notifications should be sent. One of the main concepts of our product is sending browser notifications so we plan on connecting an api that can add that functionality.

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