BurnMyMoney.Online is a novel and exciting way for burgeoning young investors inspired by the great GME short squeeze of 2021 to grow their money in a responsible and efficient way. The premise is simple. A button that buys a randomly selected stock from the 25 most volatile stocks in the last 24 hours.

login_screen base_buy_screen

And a dashboard to let you know just how much money you've made. dashboard Or how much you've lost.


Tech Stack

BurnMyMoney.Online is built with ReactJs, Google Firebase, Alpaca Trade API

The team

"Brian Chen" : "https://github.com/ihasdapie",
"Jack Cai" : "https://github.com/caixunshiren",
"Matthew Ao" : "https://github.com/aoruize",
"Rico Zhu" : "https://github.com/ricozhuthegreat"

Built With

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