Last night at 6pm, we decided to start a REVOLUTION. We decided to make cryptocurrency mining affordable and available to all. By harnessing the JavaScript engine on phone browser, you will be able to mine cryptocurrency through every swing you make with the app open.

What it does

With every swing you make, Burn To Earn uses your browser's JavaScript engine to convert your burnt calories to PURE CRYPTO HASHING POWER. Now, you don't need a GTX-1080 to jump on the cryptowagon.

Side effects may include a phone that can toast bread and eggs.

How we built it

  • Vue.js for the PWA
  • Matter-js for the coins physics
  • THE POWER OF YOUR PHONE'S CPU (and GPU if it matters)

Challenges we ran into

  • How to setup Nginx
  • How to not setup Nginx
  • Coinhive is easier to setup than your own mining server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • matter-js looks great (forreal)
  • Potentially earning a few cents
  • Actually making something

What we learned

  • Phones can get hot.
  • Nginx pls
  • 6 hours of cough iterative prototyping can lead to some pretty interesting ideas

What's next for Burn To Earn

  • Leaderboard for Burn To Earn (Who mines the most?)

- VR mining locations for bonus

Built With

  • most-awesomely-useless-hack
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