Skincare! A desire to make something as tedious as reapplying sunscreen easier to remember.

What it does

It measures the UV in the vicintity, as often as the user chooses. Based on the spf of the sunscreen that the user enters, it determines when they should run out of spf protection, and sends them a text to reapply.

How we built it

We interfaced with Arduino to get UV readings from the veml6070 UV sensor, which we then plotted on a graph. We used twillio to get the timestep and spf from the user via text, as well as to deliver the text when its time to reapply

Challenges we ran into

merging the data acquisition with the text service

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

How to interface with hardware + how to send text to users and user REST APIs! As well as how to come up with a flexible mathematical model

What's next for Burn Notice

better, more accurate model

Built With

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