There are thousands public and private universities in Indonesia, yet Indonesia is still on the lower ranks of the world Educational Index, we find it so ironic. Based on our experience, one of the causes is the students personal problem while they are studying in the classroom. Our research focus is to create something that may help students to learn something in a new way. We choose an Information Technology as our spesific topic. Because in Indonesia alone, there are so many programming community with also large community members. What we want to do is to create an effective sharing session in the community using mobile devices and internet.

What it does

Buhan-bot is a Facebook Messenger App which act like a personal assistant to help you follow the sharing session in your community effectively.

How we built it

We did a little bit exploration on how to use Facebook Messenger Platform, and then we can figure it out what to do next and what to built with it. We discussed about the features we were about to build with Facebook Messenger Platform, and then finally we agreed to make the features such as Virtual Class, Ask the Lecturer, and Encyclopedia. We build the project with the microservice system, Burhanbot system contains one Webhook and three Webservices. The Webhook plays role as connector between Facebook and Webservice. Meanwhile The Webservices are responsible for each feature in Burhanbot and to communicate with Database and Third Party Apps.

Challenges we ran into

We have been looking for the better solution to solve the educational problem in our country, and we believe that someday no matter what the problem is, through the technology we can solve any problem to simplify the life and make the world a better place to be.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are a team of four, by using Facebok Messenger API we made something that hopefully public can accept and use it for daily basis. Other that we won the Bandung Developer Circles Hackaton as a Runner Up.

What we learned

There are actually a lot of services available that we can use for our product and make something useful with it. Also working in team, teach us how to do a great and effective communication among us.

What's next for BurhanBot

The updates will be there for improvements such as Assignment Notes, Class Reminder all comes in handy with Burhanbot powered byb Facebook Messenger.

Features List :

A. Virtual Class

Now the community can create a virtual class in Facebook Messenger through BurhanBot. Let the community members join the class and share anything there! It's the whole new way to share something to anyone!

B. Ask Question to Lecturer

As a community member you can ask anything to the facilitator of the community indirectly and anonymously through BurhanBot without any hesitate. And as a facilitator you can get any questions from the members and share them to the community!

C. Broadcast

Send any messages easily to anyone in the community so there will be no one didn't get any new knowledge.

D. Reminder

Let BurhanBot reminds you about where and when the community sharing session will be held. Never miss any chance to learn something new!

E. Quick Notes

Write a simple notes about everything quick and easily with BurhanBot so you won't forget any particular things you have learned. Everyone can also share their notes to others, learn anything from anyone!

F. Easy File Sharing

Share any files you feel you like to share through BurhanBot.

G. Encyclopedia

BurhanBot can give anyone a short explanation about something that the community talks about.

_ These features are still written in Bahasa Indonesia _ _ user must like the burhanbot facebook page first _

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