As a group of engineers we are always striving for improvement and innovation. We realised that participating at the McDonald's Hackathon gives us a great opportunity to innovate and develop our ideas on a challenging and publicised platform.

We wanted our idea to have a solid purpose, which allowed customers from all age groups to experience the fantastic services McDonald's has to offer. Thus, our app includes an in-store pre-ordersystem, rating in-store music, McMayhem( a McDonald's personalised game) and a McLover Community, a social platform for all.

We believe the unique selling point of our app is that it we bridge the ever expanding gap between giant corporations and their customers. In addition, each element of our app has a connection with another element,e.g the more meals you buy, the more points you gain to beat opponents in McMayhem, thus giving customers non commercial incentives and ensuring loyalty.

We would like to thank you for providing us with this wonderful experience, and watch out for Hamburgler in McMayhem!

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