My grandparents leaving a TV on every time they leave their the house. They actually believe that this would deter potential burglars...

What it does

The skill scares off burglars when you are away from home. A user can select between a variety of ambient alarm sounds that simulate typical household environment. For example: a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom or a garage.

The sound effects are automatically looped and they will play until you say "pause" or "stop". At anytime you will be able skip to the next sound by saying "next" or to go back by saying "previous".

You can say:

  • protect the garage
  • protect the kitchen
  • protect the bathroom
  • protect the living room
  • play dinner party sounds
  • play crowd sounds
  • barking dog (guard dog)

By purchasing Premium you can unlock the following features:

  • TIMER MODE - set a timer for your burglar deterrent sounds (for example a timer for 48 hours will play a looped sound of your choice for two days!)
  • RANDOM MODE - play all available sounds in loop randomly to simulate even more realistic ambient sounds
  • NEW SOUNDS to gain access the following sounds: British conversation, crying baby, drilling sounds, hammering sounds, office sounds and laughing sounds

How I built it

Alexa Kit, Json, nothing fancy really...

Challenges I ran into

Integration of ISP proved to be a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the premium version of Burglar Deterrent certified of course :) Its my first skill with in-skill purchasing on Alexa platform. Other than that I skill getting 500-1000 MUA and there's been some premium purchases already.

What I learned

Integrating ISP into Alexa skills, APL and many more.

What's next for Burglar Deterrent

I will be promoting the skill on social media.

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