I was inspired by the fact that in the past few weeks I've had a golden watch and $80 dollars stolen from my room.

The concept is that it alerts you when your selected door is being opened so that you can call a roommate, friend, or the police in time to catch the suspect and save you money and headache.

The device was built using the Qualcomm Dragonboard, and a touch sensor.

The initial challenge was underestimating the difficulty of working with the Qualcomm Dragonboard. It took about 5 hours to understand how it worked and finally connect it to Wi-Fi. Then it took another 3 hours to learn how to use the sensors and update the device. Then, the first board I had short-circuited so I had to switch it out with a few other ones which took a few more hours. The nail in the coffin was I tried working on c++ versions of code when I should have stuck with the python version. The only reason I switched was because the lack of support online for python files.

I am proud that I manages to learn how to use the device, connect it to the internet, update it, and get a basic touch sensor working.

I need to stick to my programming strengths a.k.a. python and that when there is a large mass of people in a room, wifi connection is not going to be good enough to use the device. I laos learned major respect for people that have to code drones for example. It as difficult enough getting a touch sensor working, but to have a continually correcting loop is incredible.

Next would be implementing the accelerometer and using an android phone and BlueDot to communicate with the Qualcomm Dragonboard and the users phone.

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