What was the inspiration

Darin is a generational master beekeeper from a family that has had bees since the 1400s in Norway. He has knowledge of producing and marketing honey as well as connections with farmers who want to grow herbs such as basil.

What does it Do

The Crowd Farming app collects user information and aggregates it to be a high value social learning experience. People learn safe farming practice by starting with the highest ROI crops to farmers, consumers, honeybees, Nalo Meli and the land which is Basil and 5 other herbs.

How was it built

The mock up was built on Google Spreadsheets for the database structure and PowerApps interface. We're proud to identify the key data points that would be collected and structuring the programming so it can be scaled for zero Food Waste, best Food Security practices on a Food Data platform app.

What's next for Bee Herbs?

Dean will be able to help Darin to further develop and organize his idea and launch the app for crowd sourcing farmers from keiki to kupuna to transform Hawaii into a sustainable food secure Pono Aina.

what we need

Finding developers who are more efficient at programming will fully scale the app into a live product.

Built With

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