It was WBC Semifinal Japan vs USA, in the 8th-inning where Japan trailing by 1 run. Lead off hitter gets on with a hit, and following hitter, Tetsuto Yamada, arguably one of the best Japanese hitter (with 100 HRs in past three years), puts down a sac bunt. Runner moves to second, but does not score. Japan lost...

So, the bunt was on my mind. Came in the hackathon thinking I may want to do something with it. And I did.

What it does

Just a datavis and data exploration tool.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Procrastination. I do this every hackathon but I really didn't decide what I wanted to do till about lunch.

What I learned

I got excited that data is kind of interesting. No surprise but NL teams are much much more likely to put down a bunt. Also, using baseballsavant's stat cast search, you can find out botched bunt attempts by selecting Bunt Groundout, Bunt Lineout, and Bunt Pop Out. Which is pretty col.

What's next for Bunt.

Data vis for 30 teams may be good.

Built With

  • chartist.js
  • datatable.js
  • github
  • jekyll
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