What it does

Bunkr is an application to track all of your assets, such as property and vehicles, and provides a seamless customer experience when dealing with property and casualty insurance. Through Bunkr, whenever needed, all of your important documents and records of your valuables is right at your hand. Whether you need to file a claim or determine an appropriate policy coverage plan, Bunkr makes sure that you don't have to worry about the small, tedious things.

How I built it

Bunkr is primarily built with React for the front end, and Firebase along with Python for the back end.

What's next for Bunkr

Bunkr is currently a web application but can definitely be expanded into a mobile app as well. Additionally, there is opportunity to achieve greater integration with existing insurance company systems, by using templates for claim filing and analysis of policies. Furthermore, data and Machine Learning may be implemented to provide additional diagnostics for the user, whether in the form of a risk analysis or asset valuation.

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