Have you ever run into the situation where you are trying to find a roommate that you are compatible with and that your current roommates will like as well? Are you tired of having the same discussion with each other roommate trying to pick the best candidate, whether it is online or offline?

What it does

Crowd vote your next roommate at your fingertips! As someone looking for a place to rent, simply go on, select the listings you are interested in checking out, and click submit. Now the current renters of each of the selected listings will get notified via a text message, which will contain the candidate's profile. Then they can each reply back with a score of 1-10 to indicate how much you like this candidate. After all the votes are collected, Bunkie Ballot will tally the scores for each applicant of each listing. Finally the roommates will see the list of applicants in order of high to low ratings.

How we built it

We utilized StdLib as a serverless backend to implement the sending and receiving of text messages, mongoDB for database, and React and Javascript for web UI.

Challenges we ran into

As StdLib is new and our team is also learning it hands on, we ran into a few challenges mainly revolving around connecting JS API calls to StdLib functions, making DB calls to Mongo, and in general how to send and receive text messages from the StdLib functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We mastered the StdLib technology!

What we learned

We learned how to use StdLib to build a peer roommate voting system!

What's next for BunkieBallot

-more fair and robust rating algorithm -more elaborate user profile -more user friendly text messages

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