We all love watching great plays in League of Legends matches, but we often don't have time to watch entire streams. Inspired by the many montage and highlight compilation videos on Youtube, we decided to automate the task of creating such highlight reels so that we could watch them at our leisure.

What it does

BungusBot monitors Twitch streams that we designate and uses the speed of the chat as a proxy for overall excitement among viewers of the stream. When BungusBot detects a significant increase in chat-spam frequency, it means that someone's probably making a great play, so BungusBot automatically takes a clip of the stream to capture the moment. BungusBot will continue to take clips of highlights for the rest of the stream until the stream is over. Besides collecting clips of video, we also collect the chat during the highlight. After the stream ends, the clips and chat are combined into a highlight montage which gets uploaded to Youtube.

How we built it

Uses Twitch IRC to track streamer chats and store chat dialogue. Uses Python script that simulates keyboard strokes to clip and download highlights. Another Python script compiles the highlights into a montage. We used HTML and Javascript to create a clean user interface to track streams and observe stream analytics.

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