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I have to wake up early ( 8 am ) to write my standup notes with eyes half-open by going through everything i did the previous day and also plan for the day, and that always felt like a chore. Then searching over discord the important messages and if I am tagged anywhere. Painfully scrolling through the GitHub discussions. So like a true developer, I set on a quest to waste way more time automating these tasks than I'd actually save. Presenting Bundly - Your Personal MLH assistant

As MLH Fellows, we use a lot of applications in our daily life, such as:

  • Contributing to the projects using GitHub
  • Maintaining issues created or assigned
  • Staying in touch with PRs you participated in and across your projects
  • Sharing your daily notes before standup
  • Keeping in sync with the Google Calendar for current events
  • Monitoring the super active Discord channels so that you don't miss out on any important messages
  • and much more!

Wouldn't it be nice, if there was a platform where all these things mentioned above could be found and modified according to your preferences, all at one place? Look no more Bundly 🎉

Key Features 🎯

Let Bundly do its work, so you can focus on yours. Bundly is a single heaven to find all your information regarding the MLH Fellowship at once place! It let's you take your utility tools, a step further. Designed specifically to enhance your Fellowship experience. Here are the features that are offered:

Generate Standup Notes in markdown automatically!🙀

  • Bundly Looks through the Pull Requests Reviewed, Issues interacted with, Pull requests opened, commits made and even the previous day's stand up and generates stand-up notes
  • Also supports people in multiple pods and shows sugessions from previous day's stand up notes from all pods !

Internal discussions at your fingertips 🤞🏿

Quickly search through MLH Fellowship Org discussions with the search tool

Never miss out on the important stuff 😎

Receive personalized notifications for your repositories including:

  • Issues and their comments
  • Pull Requests and their comments
  • Comments on any commits
  • Notifications are also sent for conversations in unwatched repositories when the user is involved including:
    • @mentions
    • Issue assignments
    • Commits the user authors or commits
    • Any discussion in which the user actively participates

Track tasks easily

Add notifications from GitHub to your TO DO list directly!

Quick access the MLH calender events at one place!

When everything is here, why bother going to another website. Yes, you have all the features of your google calendar here. Book, view, create or join any meetings or tasks from your one stop station Bundly 🙋🏿

How it looks


How to use

Login to Bundly using your GitHub & Discord account following which you will be directed to the Dashboard. Here you can:

  • Search all the information related to your GitHub and Discord accounts at one place
  • Create stand up notes and visualize your progress using a GUI tool
  • Take a note of your calender events synced to Google for the day
  • Pin important channels and monitor the messages so that you don't miss out on the action!
  • Giving an taking feedback is important, see where you stand at the leaderboard and monitor the shoutouts that have been sent and received!

Tech Stack

  • ReactJS
  • PassportJS for nested OAuth2 Authentication
  • GitHub API
  • Discord API
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Vercel and GitHub CI/CD
  • Nginx deployment and pm2
  • Adobe XD for designs


Want to live on the edge of development with new features? Stay up-to-date with our contributor discussions and road-mapping in the @Bundly/dash-Wiki.

Privacy Policy (Strictly Open-source)

  • We respect your privacy and data, hence none of your data are stored on our servers. All requests are made on client side using the access_token provided from your login.
  • Only data stored with us, would be the ones publicly available - like your public repository number of commits (private repository commits number if allowed by you) - for leaderboards.

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