The Set Protocol is a powerful tool for bundling together different sets of tokens. What was missing for us was an easy way to issue sets without holding the component tokens ahead of time. It can be time-consuming and tedious to make individual orders, especially for sets with many component tokens.

With the 0x Protocol, we saw that it would be possible to greatly simplify the process of acquiring many different tokens which comprise a set.

What it does

Das bündler is Set protocol's first functional relayer, acting as service for those who want to perform market buys for sets using 0x networked liquidity.

How we built it

Using 0x protocol v2 and Set protocol's newly published setprotocol.js library.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of two beta protocols with layers of alpha tooling made for a challenge in debugging. Challenges ranged from cryptic error messages to manually inspecting bytecode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designing a UX centric experience and integrating a lot of WIP tools.

What we learned

  • You cannot run two instances of web3 provider engine at once
  • We learned that setprotocol.js is pointing to some incorrect addresses
  • You can charge a macbook by connecting it to another macbook via usb-c

What's next for bündler

Launch as Set protocol's first relayer

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