We were inspired by the need to be efficient in our daily work as well as to stay focused on the tasks we need to accomplish

What it does

Bun SOLOis a chatbot running in Google chat. It keeps your team working as one, thanks to a variety of standups, reports, and (sometimes) anonymous questionnaires

How I built it

Bun SOLO was built using Google Cloud, Apps Script, Google Chat API, Cloud Natural Language API, BigQuery, Data Studio

Challenges I ran into

BOT to BOT communication in Google is not possible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The proudest we are for integrating Google Natural Language AI Also the chatbot is fully functional:

  • can be added in a chat room
  • can understand and write down tasks
  • can list tasks for a certain user ## What I learned Google Cloud Services functionalities and integrations ## What's next for Bun SOLO Adding more functionalities like meeting notes, team retrospective Integrating with all Google services - calendar, drive, email, etc Integrating with more fun factor apps: Giphy, Meme generator, etc

Built With

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