I like the cross over of new tech into the real world to augment reality rather than replace it. I like the idea of a fist bump or a hand shake to do business.

How it works

The hack utilizes the Bluetooth Low energy capability of the pebble in order to allow people to easily and flawlessly pay for things with bitcoins with the simple shake of the hand or fist bump

Challenges I ran into

The Pebble platform was new to me and so was the Blockchain API which meant a lot of trial by fire and learning on the mission

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of all that I learned and my first real experience with wearables

What I learned

soooooo much about JS, pebble, and bitcoin wallets/APIs

What's next for BumpIT

I definitely am planning on continuing work on the project and then I will most likely release it open source online to the pebble/wearable community.

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