A cross platform solution for everyone to meeting to people they love to hangout with and avoid the people who they dont!

What it does

Bumped! Allows you to label and keep track fellow Bumped! users and their last known location updated in realtime and displayed within the app.

How I built it

We used Meteor.js as the base framework to build Bumped!, we included utilization of various technologies and services like Facebook Graph API and geolocation to build a realtime map of the user's social network in the real world

Challenges I ran into

While there are multiple builds, there are no Official Facebook Graph API available and most of the builds are not actively maintained. We got to explore the various builds and managed to find one that is working for our use case.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Most of us did not have working proficiency with Meteor.js prior to the start of this hackathon, we managed to build a a fully functional application ready for use on "" and is published on Google Android Appstore.

What I learned

We learnt how to make use of built Meteor's reactivity to have DRY-ier and more readable code

What's next for Bumped!

Bumped! will be looking at various nifty functionalities like alternative social logins, more fine control settings and in-app gamifications!

Bumped! A realtime map of your friends ... the people who you love and hate.

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