According to the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases increased by 2.8% since 2013 in the United States and is still on the rise. 15-25 years olds account for half of the new STD cases; and the bisexual and gay community represent a majority of the other 50%. STDs are often asymptomatic. For instance, symptoms of chlamydia are often over look because they are mild/undetected. However, if STDs are left untreated, the person can be at an increased risk of acquiring another STD due to weaken immune system, cancer, or even infertility. Thus, early diagnostic of STDs are crucial to patient health.

What it does

Bump is an app that allows users to connect to each other before engaging in intercourse. Months later, if one user is positive for STD, then he or she can send anonymous message using Twilio to all of his or her past partners warning them to get a checkup.

To test our application please download the app straight from the Github link provided below.

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