I am a student at Temple University. As the hot days of summer approached I got back to my hometown Scranton, Pennsylvania. To kill some time and make some extra cash I began my hunt for a summer job. When I couldn't find one I created this app named Make & Get Jobs. Now you know why!

What it does?

Interesting... Make & Get Jobs allow individuals to find local jobs that are nearby and convinient. For example, "I need someone to fix my laptop" or "I need my lawn mowed, $10 an hour." The app combines a unique User-friendly interface with a complex programming back-end. The app is easy to navigate and has three tabs at the bottom of the page. The three tabs let you: View Job Listings, Post a Job Listing, and view nearby jobs on a map.


Job Listing Tab: provides the distance of the job from user's location. Includes an image of what the job might look like, and gives the user an option to contact the client by either call or email. All of this done within a single app!

Post Page: Lets a user post a job for individuals seeking to make some money.

Map Page: Lets a user look up jobs around the world that might interest them. You can pick from a local, national, or a worldwide job. Just click the annotation and you can view the Title & Description for the job and if the job interests you, then you can easily call or email the employer for further details!

How I built it?

Make & Get Jobs is built using Xcode. Before the app was completed I used the Sketch software to sketch the layout of the app. Later came the hardest part; how the app is going to retrieve and upload information from/to the server. After all that hardwork the app was finally created.

Challenges I ran into?

It was a difficult process overall. It was hard to figure out the perfect display for the postings on the home page. After 18 hours of hardwork I perfected that and then figured out how the locationManager is going to work so it can get the current location of the user. Another challenge I faced afterwards was calculating the distance between the job posting and the current user location.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.

I am very proud of Make & Get Jobs. It was my hardwork and dedication that allowed me to face all the challenges and make this usefull tool for my community as well as the world. In the process I learned a lot about the character of my patience as I could not figure out the details of the app and spent over 20 hours. I had two options: quit or keep going. I am proud that I chose the latter one.

What I learned

I learned much more about UI/UX than I already knew. I was also blinded because I never knew about the blur layer built in Xcode. Now I have learned a lot about that as well as I started researching about UI design for iOS. I also gained a lot of knowledge about Firebase and the functionality of its storage system.

What's next for Make & Get Jobs?

My plan is to keep improving on the iOS version and bgin the process for the Android version. However, first I want to go to Make School!

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