Bumit aims to harness the real-time and location-enabling power of Twitter to help people get hold of what they need swiftly and effortlessly.

In the spirit of the sharing economy and social innovation, we wish to create a sneak peek into what we believe Twitter 2.0 -and the myriads of valuable api services- hold for people, be it developers or consumers.

We target Twitter users initially in the US and primarily in cities, where the sharing economy is wide-spread, online communication is the norm, personal ties are comparably few, and consumer goods are ever so plentiful.

Bumit will leverage Twitter for:

  • public renting postings and borrowing requests
  • peer-to-peer communication and settlement of details (renting period, quote)
  • account authentication and user management and will complement with:
  • geotrigger and location services
  • micro person-2-person payments
  • proactive promotion of offerings and requests Our revenue model will rely on a percentage fee per transaction.

What next? Simply tweet #bumit with a photo and brief description of your offering or #bumit4 to look for what you need within you community!

[ Github link: https://github.com/ichatz/bumit ]

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