Inspiration :

-traffic jam and accidents: due to talk of correction/co-ordination among drives (the less we give way, the messier.) -Learn from nature: herd animals (bees,fishes,birds) in formation never collide. -communication among members in the hand,school,colony,pack ,community,by sound,signals,dance. -A bee when it finds food, tells to community where it is = In road traffic, when an accident is.

What it does:

This is an IoT system for road safety and traffic automatically detect potential danger and communicate with peer systems on other cars on the road, for adjustments to assist the driver. Preventive measures shift to traffic accidents, Messages will be sent to a Traffic Accident Response Centre for appropriate actions, depending on the corrected urgency and priority, as analyzed by the device on the car.

How we built it:

sensors: 1 ultrasonic sensor: distance between cars 2 guyro sensor:if the car has flipped over 3 airbag sensor: expanded function 4 touch/bumper sensor : panic button 5 accelerometer: abrupt changes in car speed PHP X AMPP: the data base Dreamweaver: user interface for the Traffic Accident Response Centre

Challenges we ran into :

skills level: we started to learn yesterday. Huge leaps :) logistics: 1st time at a hackatho. Language:the only chinese-speakers local secondary school (CMI) Technical:Find the platform for the launch pad only this morning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:skills:

persist to learn the basics of IoT. Logistics: Maximize on what little we have and complete the task. Language: Communicate with every member has got . Network: Make many-helpful friends:) (for the future).

What we learned:

-postman, IoT,M2X, business pitch , ti CC3200 launch pad

What's next for Bumblebee:

-fine tune our project. Profesional programming 4 system analysis

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