Australia is one of the countries that suffer from high ultraviolet (UV) levels and unfortunately, skin cancer is one of Australia’s most common cancers. Skin cancer is primarily caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun, causing DNA damage to skin cells.

This process is not reversible and currently no fast act solution that can heal it easily. Therefore, we can only protect ourselves by increasing our awareness of sun protection. Something that can conveniently track a personalised UV exposure history and give recommendations is definitely a good and effective way to improve our awareness of UV protection. Unfortunately, we do not have such a thing currently and we are aiming to build one to solve this problem.

Our team’s solution is a personalised health app that provides a real-time monitoring function to check the current location/time’s UV levels. In addition, it can also provide health data and recommendations based on the historical information that is recorded.

For the app operation, our app provides users with a real-time updated UV map of Australia and a summary of today’s UV rating and suggestions.

Also, a personalised health overview and suggestions will be presented in our app. The health overview displays the overall rating of the user's health based on historical exposure data. Removable personalised recommendations and a weekly averaged exposure data graph for users are also being feedbacked to users. Lastly, some small information cards also provide some knowledge about the importance of UV protection. Thus, users are aware of their exposure to different levels.

With more time and accurate research, the bumbersoll could expand more functions of melanoma risk test which takes in user’s information such as age, skin type and medical history and outputs the user’s risk level, and adds more educational materials within our app.

Built With

  • figma
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