We wanted to do a program that matters, that could help people, and this challenge was a very good option to do it.

What it does

We developed a website to concienciate people about people who gets bullied in social media, it is usually ignored this kind of thing so we wanted to give it voice. In the website There are always appearing new tweets and reddit comments that brings hate to people. And there is another section where you can search the topic you want and see how people interact with it.

How we built it

We built 3 parts: Frontend: with Angular.js Backend: with Node.js Python service, that fetch and analyze all the data using AWS comprehension

Challenges we ran into

Everis challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think our webpage can help a lot of people, and we are proud of it.

What we learned

Python doing the service, using AWS, and we have improved our skills in full Stack development

What's next for BullyPolice

We will optimize the algorithm and create new features, like an email subscription for a topic in witter or reddit

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