Cyber bullying has become very common on social media and that has been affecting mental health of avid social media users and 68% of teenagers agree that cyber-bullying has become evolved into a huge problem.

Therefore, we decided to build our project, the "Bullying Shield" which discourages the use of profanity and vulgar language online.

What it does

Bullying is detected by help of the Sentimental Analysis of IBM-Watson

How we built it

A Web Crawling Network "Scrapy" is written on python code that is used for web-scraping.Using Scrapy, bully-like behavior is highlighted and scraped. To detect the behavior, IBM-Watson's sentimental analysis is implemented to gather data about the sentiments of people's texts. Algorithms are used to analyze the data collected from IBM-Watson and conclude whether bullying is taking place .

Challenges we ran into

Calling the API of IBM-Watson's Sentimental Analysis gave us a tough time since a few months back, IBM's authentication system was greatly altered and the tutorials they have right now are outdated. Two of our teammates decided to leave the project halfway through the hackathon and the workload on the remaining team members was immense.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-> Built a fully functioning Algorithm that uses the IBM-Watson's tone-analyzer to detect bullying.

What we learned

-> Application of Scrapy. -> Building a Chrome extension using NodeJS, CSS, HTML and Python code (which is converted to JavaScript code by RapydScript). -> Usage of IBM-Watson

What's next for Bullying Shield

The Chrome Extension will be made fully available soon and on google store that can be used on any webpage online to detect bullying.

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