We wanted to create an app to help solve a serious problem in the world today. Given that this was most of our first hackathons, we began to research topics, and decided it would be beneficial to help raise awareness about bullying. We learned that 1/3 students in the United States claim to have been bullied, which inspired us to develop a solution.

What it does

Bully Buster is a mobile application that fights against this problem. The app allows students to report incidents of bullying without the embarrassment of personal confrontation.

How we built it

The Bully Buster app was created using Android Studio, while implementing Java. The user is able to fill out a general form about the bullying incident, while being given the option of remaining anonymous. This information is then sent to proper authority, which is retrieved from the corresponding school directory's source code using an algorithm that implements REGEX. The forms are recorded for authority to take action as necessary.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had trouble debugging parts of the app when errors occurred.
  • Developing the REGEX.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud that the app we made helps prevent harassment in educational environments and creates a major difference for our county's safety.
  • Using abstraction to vastly simplify large segments of code.
  • We are proud of designing an efficient REGEX code. The algorithm we created using the REGEX code is able to extract the e-mail address of an authority from a page source.

What we learned

  • We learned how to design webpages much better.
  • We learned how to use REGEX efficiently, and implement it into our code.

What's next for Bully Buster

  • Incorporate even more counties into the Bully Buster app.
  • Create an AI feature to help students seek help as needed, personal care buddy -Include a college level
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