Bully Blocker was made with the thought that getting help from harassment should be easy. Bully Blocker is a simple, yet interactive website that can help victims of bullying easily find resources to prevent it from happening again.

What it does

Bully Blocker is a website that has a blog in it, which has many great resources to offer visitors, and a comments section from previous victims of bullying who used Bully Blocker to improve their situation.

How we built it

We used the website builder to create the website, and then used Javascript to create a chatbox. Then, we added the chatbox into the website via URL.

Challenges we ran into

A big challenge we came up with was coding the chatbox, since none of us had ever done such a tedious project with javascript.

What we learned

We learned that creating a chatbox is not as easy as we think, and had many issues trying to find a solution to our domain name.

What's next for Bully Blocker

We will try to create a working chatroom and a login system for many users to access the chatbox and talk or ask questions.

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