We wanted to learn Python and we are highly political (sorry if you are genuinely a Trump supporter). Why not learn by using the Pygame library to build a basic game, and do some sentiment analysis of his tweets to determine how bullshitty they are?

What it does

You play a basic brickbreaker game with Donald Trump's head as the ball and a word of his bullshittiest tweets as the bricks!

How I built it

-Pygame library for the brickbreaker game -Twitter API to get the tweets -Firebase API to store the tweets -TextBlob and basic Naive Bayes Classifier for the sentiment analysis

Challenges I ran into

-Downloading python packages sucks -Libraries are outdated -Sentiment analysis is highly complicated

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-We were able to produce a game, use the Twitter API, do basic sentiment analysis, and use the Firebase API all using Python - not bad !

What I learned

-Pygame library is not as cool as we thought, but still easy to use and a lot of documentation -Sentiment analysis is highly nuanced -We want to learn more about databases ...

What's next for B.S. Breaker

We want to take it to the next level - LITERALLY. Adding new levels, making the graphics sexier

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