Our inspiration for our project was focused on stocks, how covid has pushed us to look towards securing our future and one avenue has been the rise in interest in investing. Lately with the surge of meme stocks (i.e. GME) has garnered the attention of the public--- particularly young individuals. As investing for one’s future is a great way in asserting agency over your future, where does one start? Financial literacy now more than ever has been an imperative skillset to have in navigating a capitalistic framework. Platforms can be hard for beginners to interpret and the American public education system lacks time spent on the subject. Financial literacy now more than ever has been an imperative skillset to have and we want to help build up the next generation for success through this app.

What it does

Our app is an investment trivia game in which users practice the challenges of becoming an investor in real life, learning to analyze news data that would potentially influence the stock market. To then choose to either buy, sell, or hold their shares.

How we built it

Prototyping: Figma Web app: JavaScript, HTML, CSS Data scraping: Python, Alpha Vantage API

Challenges we ran into

We originally planned for Bulls & Bears to be a multiplayer game with fun, competitive aspects. In the beginning, we tried to work with However, we recognized that there was a steep learning curve we had to overcome to integrate the different components with programming languages and skills that we either have never worked with or have not worked with often. Due to time limitations, we adjusted the scope of our project and decided to scrap the multiplayer idea. We focused our efforts on creating a solid single-player game with all of the necessary gameplay components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

TechTogether Atlanta was the first hackathon for most of us, and we're proud of our abilities to be flexible in learning new skills as well as in making necessary adjustments as we went along.

What we learned

We learned it's okay to pivot our idea when there's a better one to go with or when we recognize what we need (i.e. more time!) is beyond what we have. Some of us learned how to implement new features in Figma like tooltips, saw how code translates to what we see on the screen and the beauty and power of CSS to transform plain files, and we worked a lot on DOM manipulations and looping through arrays. We also learned some tips and resources we can use for subsequent hackathons from those on the team with more experience.

What's next for Bulls & Bears

We would love to be able to bring the multi-player aspect back into Bulls & Bears! This was one aspect of the game that our team was excited to implement. Users would be able to create and join rooms to compete with each other, seeing who'll be able to best one another in a competitive and learning platform!

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