• Increasing regular customers is the most important thing for restaurants.
  • One way to increase customers is by offering them a good purchase experience. When people buy something from an online shop, oftentimes they want to
    • Choose one from recommendations by the shop
    • Hear more stories, messages, and updates from the shop to decide what to buy
  • Our idea came up when I thought "What if customers can see a restaurant board on a shop website?"


What it does

  • A virtual bulletin board on Square web site which helps customers know about the shop and select an item with ease

How we built it


Frontend(Web Console UI)

  • Web Console for shop owners
  • Build on React and AWS Amplify. Basically SPA handles interactions with the backend


  • Handles accessing Square API and storing some data in DB to generate contents to show on the board
  • Generate HTML template + JavaScript for Snippet API.


  • Snippets requests a generated content from the backend

Challenges we ran into

  • Managing OAuth using Square API was rather complicated.
  • API and SDK behave differently. For example, Catalog API returns e-commerce site URL whereas from SDK it does not return that data.
  • Schedule. I found this hackathon 2 weeks ago and I had a very short time to build everything.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Building a web service from scratch using Square API

What we learned

  • Scheduling is very important

What's next for Bulletin Snippet

  • Support more content on Bulletin
  • Improve Web Console + Bulletin UI
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