Our Idea

Our idea stemmed from wanting to have a way to do favors for people with no strings attached. It would be a nice way to meet the people who live nearby, build community, and make friends.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration came from an experience May had earlier this year, when she was baking a lasagna and she needed one singular egg but was completely out. Since she was baking a lasagna at the prime hour of 10 pm, the store was closed and she was unable to buy eggs for her dish. She posted on her Snapchat story and asked her close friends who lived nearby to lend an egg, and it gave her the feeling of an NPC asking for an item to complete a quest in a video game. The idea of integrating a bulletin board / public forum aesthetic came from a feature in the game “Stardew Valley”, where players can complete tasks for NPCs that post on the bulletin board.

How we built it

We built the app in Figma, utilizing its built-in tools to get both the design and prototype exactly how we would want it to run if it became a real application in the App Store. We also used Firebase, XCode and Swift for the code in Github.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that we ran into when forming the idea for this project were settling on a concept that would be feasible to work on within the time constraints. Finding a way to make a good app design while trying to include as many features as we could was a part of the time constraint challenge. Figuring out what needed to be put into the app for people to understand what it’s supposed to do came up along with this. Another hardship was dealing with stress and trying to not end up creating too much work for us to have to power through before the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of bringing a space that fosters the growth of an inclusive community, as well as all of the time and hard work we dedicated to this project.

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