Ali is a construction engineer, spent over 6 years managing construction sites for a TOP 3 General Contractor in Europe. Maxence is a software engineer, spent over 5 years developing mobile apps for retail companies, universities, ... They met during a hackathon and developed BulldozAIR, a mobile and web app for the construction industry that helps architects, contractors, engineers collaborate better on the field and in the office.

How it works

It's a note taking app that syncs plans, technical documents, tasks and collaborative notes between the 50 companies on a construction site.

Our users do visit of construction sites. They need to inspect thermal leaks for example. They use the tablet with FLIR to take thermal pictures within collaborative notes. They can sketch what needs to be done on the pictures. They locate issues and pictures on blueprints. They set a priority level. They assign a task to another collaborator who will receive this note. The collaborator uses the same app, and replies in the same note. Finally a Word report is automatically generated.

BulldozAIR stores all your blueprints. It works offline if you're at a sub-level with no connection. It syncs when you get a connection back. Our backend provides the same sync API to mobile (Android, iOS, Windows 8) and web apps.

Challenges I ran into

SDK integration: switching between simulated device and real device, debugging with no connection to XCode or Android Studio (USB port used by the device).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So glad we met the FLIR team, we missed them in December, it's great they are back.

What I learned

The hardware in the FLIR One for smartphone is as good as standalone and expensive devices on the market!

What's next for BulldozAIR - FLIR

We're strongly committed to publishing this new version of BulldozAIR with the FLIR module. There is a real market here, many of our current customers are interested in the BulldozAIR + FLIR combo. Our landing page is up, ready to get orders... all it needs is the FLIR team approval and their logo!

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